Fight the Dead, Fear the Living

The world we knew is gone. A global outbreak of catastrophic proportions has occurred, leading to the reanimation of the dead, who now hunt the living. The collapse of civilization happened quickly, with no government, no supplies, no communication, and no forms of entertainment. Now, in a world overrun by the undead, the survivors must learn to adapt and truly begin to live.

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The Walking Dead’s tagline is “Fight the Dead: Fear the Living.” Indeed, most post-apocalyptic scenarios, whether they include the undead or not, take a dim view of human nature, reducing the whole of humanity to its Darwinian essentials. “You are either the butcher or the cattle.”

The series explores how the living are changed by the realization that those who survive can be far more dangerous than the walking dead.

The survivors individually encounter zombies and then barricade themselves together somewhere (a farmhouse, a mall, a bar, or what have you), spending a good deal of time keeping the zombies out and fighting among themselves. But uh-oh, the zombies get in anyway, some folks die, and others don’t, and one or two are surely zombified.

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