After a number of people are killed and a cargo ship set on fire, Roger ‘Verbal’ Kint is questioned by U.S. Customs Agent Dave Kujan. Reluctant at first, Verbal begins to tell them what happened starting with when he met four men, all criminals, sharing a holding cell for a few hours. Together, they join forces to successfully hijack a jewel shipment and head to Los Angeles to lay low. There they are contacted by a lawyer, Kobayashi, representing the much-feared international criminal Keyser Söze who wants them to do a job for him. The result is the attack on the cargo ship. Verbal refuses to give evidence in the case and is set free. Only then does Kujan realize what’s really happened.

When he drops his coffee cup, he sees the label “Kobayashi Porcelain” stamped on it.

As Kujan stares at the bulletin board he drops his coffee mug, which shatters on the floor. But breaking this mug achieves a major breakthrough: Kujan sees that brand name on the fragment from the bottom of the mug reads, “Kobayashi”. Moments after letting Kint go, Kujan realizes that his story was one big fabrication, and that Kint is in fact none other than Keyser Söze. As Söze escapes, he gets into a car driven by “Kobayashi”, and they disappear.