Welcome to Rockwell Falls


Numbers do not lie. Numbers rule the Universe. And the numbers are telling a very strange tale about Rockwell Falls. The town has had 436 residents for over a hundred years. Always 436. “Solidarity and steadfastness. We are the union of the divine. And we shall cherish equilibrium and peace.” The residents of Rockwell Falls believe that the word ‘solidarity’ has a numerological value of 13, which is also the sum of the digits of 436, the town’s population (There are also 13 letters in the town’s name). In Population 436, special meanings are also attributed to the individual numbers 4, 3 and 6.

Population 436 (2006)

Steve Kady, a US Census Bureau researcher is sent to the remote and seemingly idyllic village of Rockwell Falls to interview residents concerning the population. Everyone there is extremely nice and welcoming, and society doesn’t seem to have progressed much further than the early 20th century. During his stay, Kady notices a number of increasingly strange things about the town, people acting awkward, and strange. People make vague allusions to ‘the fever’, and several residents treat him as though he were not just a visitor, but has moved to Rockwell Falls permanently. His research reveals that the town’s population has remained at exactly 436 for over 100 years. People who try to leave Rockwell Falls seem to meet with bizarre and deadly accidents, or just vanish, which the residents believe to be the work of God…