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P-5000 Powered Work Loader

The P-5000 Powered Work Loader, is a commercial mechanized exoskeleton used for lifting heavy materials and objects. As well as widespread industrial use, the P… >>

Tasty Burger

Anyone who has watched more than one of Quentin Tarantino’s films knows about the Big Kahuna Burger. In Pulp Fiction, the burger appears to be a typical America… >>

Genco Olive Oil T-Shirt

Genco Olive Oil is an American importer of Olive Oil products from Corleone, Sicily. Its headquarters were on Mott Street, Little Italy. It eventually grew to b… >>

Project Mayhem

Project Mayhem is a fictional organization created by the main characters in the book and film “Fight Club.” It is described as an underground movem… >>

Three Finger (Wrong Turn)

Three Finger is a fictional character from the movie Wrong Turn. He is one of the main antagonists in the movie and a member of a group of cannibals called the… >>

Tangiers Hotel and Casino

When Martin Scorsese began shooting the movie Casino in 1994, the Landmark’s main entrance exterior was chosen to represent the fictional “Tangiers… >>

The Lizzies Street Gang

The Lizzies were founded sometime before May 20, 1979 as an all-female gang, and adopted Union Square in Bowery, Manhattan as their territory. They sometimes ar… >>

Department of Precrime

The Department of PreCrime , or known simply as PreCrime , is a government agency under the United States Department of Justice utilizing the Precogs to “… >>

Elite Hunting Club

Elite Hunting Club or EHC, mostly referred as Elite Hunting is a dark organization which plays a central role in the Hostel-Franchise. Rich sadistic businessmen… >>