Bendini, Lambert & Locke

There are only two ways for lawyers to exit Bendini, Lambert & Locke. They can stick around until they retire as thoroughly compromised, multi-millionaire senior partners, or they die before their time in mysterious circumstances.

The Firm (1993)

Mitch McDeere is a young man with a promising future in law. About to graduate from Harvard Law School, he is approached by Bendini, Lambert & Locke (The Firm), and made an offer he cannot refuse. He and his wife, Abigail “Abby”, move to Memphis, where The Firm is located. The firm leased him a BMW, paid off his school loans, arranged a mortgage and hired him a decorator. Bendini, Lambert, and Locke is just one big family, Mitch is told, but Abby balks when she sees how strongly the firm wants to run both Mitch’s life and her own. And there have been some mysterious deaths of young lawyers at the new company. When Mitch is contacted by the FBI, he learns the real truth about the firm, and he begins to realize that he is in danger. Mitch is a clever lawyer but he will need all his skill just to stay alive when he is caught between his own unscrupulous law firm and the government.