Big Kahuna Burger

The most identifiable elements of the Tarantinoverse are the brands and restaurants that reappear in his films. Big Kahuna Burger: “That Hawaiian burger joint” makes its first appearance in Pulp Fiction, though some insist Mr. Blonde makes his fast food stop there on the way to the rendezvous in Reservoir Dogs. (It’s never mentioned, and he sips from a generic, unmarked cup.) Seth Gecko brings Big Kahuna Burgers back to their motel room in From Dusk Till Dawn, and a Big Kahuna soda cup can be seen on the bar in Tarantino’s segment of Four Rooms. (A Big Kahuna bag can be glimpsed in the background of Romy and Michelle as well—and in an amusing coincidence, Pulp Fiction producer DeVito would later costar in a 1999 film called The Big kahuna.)

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The fictional burger joint Big Kahuna Burger is mentioned in several of Quentin Tarantino’s films, but the most memorable reference occurs in the classic Pulp Fiction, in the infamous scene when Jules and Vincent bust in on the unfortunate folks who wronged Marcellus Wallace and proceed to eat their burgers and shoot up the place. Since the name’s use in films, some restaurants have referenced it in either their name or that of a dish on their menu. Big kahuna literally means big priest or magician. The big kahuna was like the head person to the tribe.

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