Ashecliffe Hospital

Shutter Island was once a military barracks during the Civil War and is now home to Ashecliffe Hospital for the Mentally Insane.

Shutter Island (2010).

The year is 1954. U.S. Marshal Teddy Daniels and his new partner, Chuck Aule, have come to Shutter Island, home of Ashecliffe Hospital for the Criminally Insane, to investigate the disappearance of a patient. Multiple murderess Rachel Solando is loose somewhere on this remote and barren island, despite having been kept in a locked cell under constant surveillance. As a killer hurricane relentlessly bears down on them, a strange case takes on even darker, more sinister shades—with hints of radical experimentation, horrifying surgeries, and lethal countermoves made in the cause of a covert shadow war. No one is going to escape Shutter Island unscathed, because nothing at Ashecliffe Hospital is what it seems. But then neither is Teddy Daniels.

Scenes inside the hospital were filmed at the old Medfield State Hospital in Medfield, Massachusettes. The Medfield State Hospital was constructed from 1892 until its completion and opening in 1896. At its height the complex included 58 buildings, on a property of some 1.4 sq mi (3.6 km2), and a capacity of 2,200 patients. It raised its own livestock and produce, and generated its own heat, light and power. Added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1994, the property was closed in April 2003 and the buildings shuttered. The grounds have been reopened to the public and are open every day from 6 am to 6 pm. It has been used as a filming location for major motion pictures such as Shutter Island and The Box. As of July 2012, The Clark Building was demolished. A private security company, contracted through the commonwealth, patrols and secures the former asylum. Starting in October of 2013 demolition of three buildings was completed; The Odyssey House, the Carriage House, and the Laundry Building. Medfield spanned over 900 acres and in its peak had 58 buildings and a patient count of over 2,200. There is the Medfield State Hospital Cemetery that was established in 1918 on the hospital grounds, with burials ceasing in 1988.