Replacement Technologies

There is a multinational science company called Replacement Technologies, run by the sinister, profit-driven Michael Drucker, that has developed technology to clone animals and human organs. Despite the fact that the Supreme Court has ruled it illegal, they also clone entire human beings.

Replacement Technologies is at the forefront of cloning and human replication technology. They have developed a highly advanced and secretive process to create exact duplicates of living individuals, effectively allowing people to be “replaced” by their cloned counterparts.

Although cloning is illegal in the film’s world, Replacement Technologies operates covertly and illegally to provide wealthy clients with the option of having their deceased loved ones cloned or creating backup copies of themselves.

In addition to cloning, Replacement Technologies has developed a method to transfer the memories and consciousness of the original individual to their clone, creating a seamless transition between the original and the replicated version.

As the owner of Replacement Technologies, Michael Drucker is depicted as a cunning and manipulative individual, willing to go to extreme lengths to protect his company’s cloning technology and cover up its illegal practices. His pursuit of profit and disregard for ethical considerations lead to dire consequences for the characters involved and raise significant moral dilemmas throughout the movie.