Sarang Mining Base

The mining base is operated by Lunar Industries, a company that has established an automated operation for mining Helium-3, a valuable resource used for clean energy production on Earth.

The Sarang Mining Base appears as a futuristic and utilitarian structure, built to withstand the harsh conditions of the lunar environment. It is comprised of several interconnected modules, surrounded by a vast lunar landscape dotted with mining equipment and solar panels to harness the Sun’s energy. The base’s silvery metallic surface reflects the Moon’s pale glow, giving it an otherworldly appearance.

The base’s silvery metallic surface reflects the Moon’s pale glow, giving it an otherworldly appearance.

Inside the base, the living quarters and work areas are designed to provide a functional yet sterile atmosphere. The interior is well-lit with bright artificial lighting, giving the base a sense of order and efficiency. The rooms are relatively compact, containing essential amenities for the base’s lone occupant, Sam Bell. His existence at the station is lonesome but pleasant, and he spends his time working in a garden, constructing an elaborate model and watching reruns of TV sitcoms.

Sarang Mining Base houses advanced mining equipment and machinery required for the extraction of Helium-3 from the lunar soil. The base relies on robotics and automated systems to carry out most of the mining operations. It features a central control room, where Sam Bell oversees the automated mining process, monitors the extraction, and ensures smooth functioning

For travel across the Moon’s surface, the base has a lunar rover, a rugged and versatile vehicle used by Sam Bell to inspect the mining machinery and collect Helium-3 canisters. The rover is equipped with essential tools and communication devices, allowing Sam to stay connected with the base.

Communication with Earth is a vital aspect of Sarang Mining Base. The facility maintains regular contact with Lunar Industries on Earth, receiving instructions and updates. The communication room contains a large satellite dish that facilitates uninterrupted communication between the Moon and Earth.

One significant aspect of the base is the profound sense of isolation that Sam Bell experiences during his three-year solitary assignment. The vastness of the lunar landscape and the absence of other human presence amplify the feeling of being alone on a desolate world.