The Island

The residents of The Island are led to believe that the outside world has been contaminated, and they are the last survivors awaiting their chance to go to the last uncontaminated paradise. The Island is where it will all begin again for them. Everything will be perfect and wonderful. Paradise!

Whenever the lottery is drawn all of the residents of the facility are called to the giant monitor where the names are drawn for the next set of lottery winners. Oh, how lucky these winners are. They get to live on the Island, paradise at last! The unfortunate majorities are the ones who must go back to their regular lives in the artificial environment and wish for the next day where they might be next picked to win the lottery and go to the island.

Jordan Two Delta is one of many similarly dressed and cultivated clones raised in a sealed environment. You’re special. You have a very special purpose in life. You’ve been chosen. The Island awaits you.

In the subterranean colony, they are kept in excellent condition (healthy food and lots of sports), but love and sex are taboo; proximity violations are severely punished.

The winners are not actually going to a paradise but are instead being chosen for organ harvesting. The lottery is a ruse to select clones whose organs will be used to sustain the lives of the wealthy patrons who sponsored their creation.

The concept of the lottery adds a layer of irony and tragedy to the film, highlighting the manipulation and cruelty of those in power within the facility. It plays a significant role in driving the plot and revealing the disturbing truth behind the residents’ existence.