Elite Hunting Club

Elite Hunting Club or EHC, mostly referred as Elite Hunting is a dark organization which plays a central role in the Hostel-Franchise. Rich sadistic businessmen and women can bid on backpackers staying at a hostel in eastern Slovakia and torture them to death with many different tools at a run-down factory. It is suggested that Elite Hunting is a branch of the Russian Mafia which has inserted itself into a village in Slovakia. In order to secure their organization, the Russian Mafia has secretly intimidated or purchased the local authorities to ensure their silence, and then established the actual facility in a local abandoned factory.

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They provide the possibilities to fulfill darkest fantasies of rich people who pays the organization. This can mean rape or torture but must always end with the death of the victim. Customers must pay high prices of money to kill victims, plus they are protected from being prosecuted by the government. To torture an American, you must pay the highest amount. The symbol of the organization is a bloodhound and every member and client of the organization have a tattoo of the symbol, mostly on the arm as part of the contract. The organization has only two rules: no one leaves without killing and no one leaves with being a member or becoming a member of the organization.

The first Hostel tells the story of two young American men back-packing through Europe who are captured by Elite Hunting, an underground business that uses a Slovakian youth hostel as a front to kidnap travellers and auction them off to be tortured and killed by wealthy, sadistic people. When they arrive, they meet three delicious girls in the hostel and they believe they have found the lost paradise of sex on Earth. But sooner they find that they have been sold to a sadistic group of the Elite Hunting, and their dream becomes their worst nightmare.

I get a lot of money for you, and that makes you MY bitch.

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