Lunar Industries

In 2035, Lunar Industries have made a fortune after an oil crisis by building a large lunar mining base on the Moon, called Sarang, and since then have been extracting a large amount of helium-3 back to Earth. The system is practically automated, but the company requires one person on the station to monitor and send back shipments of Helium-3 when needed. Consequently, Sam Bell is that sole employee who is serving out his 3 year contract on the moon. To save costs, workers stay up there for long periods in solitary confinement.

With not another living soul on the moon, Sam occupies himself by talking to his plants, carving a miniature model of his town, and talking to computer with an emoticon personality named Gerty 3000. All he wants is to return to Earth to be with his wife Tess and their infant daughter Eve, who was born just prior to his leaving for this job.

As Sam’s isolation dragged on, he began experiencing hallucinations and emotional distress due to the prolonged solitude. During one of his lunar excursions, he encountered a mysterious crashed rover and an unconscious doppelgänger of himself. The shocking revelation left Sam questioning his reality and sanity. Is he hallucinating or is he losing the plot after three years isolated from human contact?

With GERTY’s assistance, Sam managed to revive his doppelgänger, who revealed that Lunar Industries had been deceiving him and the world. The company had been cloning and replacing him repeatedly, with each clone’s three-year contract ending in the death of the clone. The true nature of Sam’s existence shattered his sense of identity.

The clones, desperate to free themselves and expose the truth, decided to take action. Working together, they hatched a plan to escape the lunar base and return to Earth to reveal Lunar Industries’ unethical practices to the public. Sam and his clone made a daring escape, overcoming numerous obstacles and threats within the lunar base. As they returned to Earth, they discovered the extent of Lunar Industries’ deception and the suffering endured by the clones over the years.

With the truth exposed, public outrage against Lunar Industries intensified. The company faced legal consequences, leading to its downfall and eventual dissolution. The world became more aware of the moral and ethical implications of unchecked corporate power and the mistreatment of workers in remote locations.