Rekall Incorporated

Rekal Incorporated, is a Company specializing in memory implants and supporting artifacts. Rekall is a company that provides memory implants of vacations, where a client can take a memory trip to a certain planet and be whoever they desire. Rekall doesn’t just offer vacations away from home, but also vacations from yourself — instead, why not be a millionaire playboy, a famous athlete, or even a secret agent. What is truth and what is fiction? Welcome to Rekall, the company that can turn your dreams into real memories.

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It seems that Quaid has an obsession with Mars, and decides on a visit to Rekall Inc., an outfit that will install false memories of a 2-week vacation for a fee. The simulation will be so real that “your brain will not know the difference,” as Rekall salesman Bob McClane explains. McClane also convinces him to “take a vacation from yourself,” inside a custom-designed “ego trip” fantasy scenario as a secret agent. “By the time the trip is over,” he exults, “you’ll get the girl, kill the bad guys, and save the entire planet.” Quaid is persuaded and signs up for the ego trip to Mars.

During the memory implantation procedure, however, something goes terribly wrong and Quaid suffers a schizoid embolism that renders him unconscious. The glitch seems to have been caused by Quaid previously having had his memory erased, and in response to the crisis the Rekall people, anxious to avoid publicity, quietly load Quaid into an automated taxicab and hope for the best.

Symptoms may include, but is not exclusive to – suffering a schizoid embolism and being trapped in your fantasy.

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