Consumer Recreation Services (CRS)


CRS or Consumer Recreation Services is a “real life game” production company that will tailor an experience to each person’s individual requirement. featured in the movie “The Game”. CRS help people solve problems and guide individuals who may have found themselves in life’s ruck or find it hard to get off the mouse ball and cycle of working life. Where earning money and sleeping become the only two things in life and loved ones and time for others are back seated. Here at Consumer Recreation Services, our thousands of employees work very hard to provide the best live action scenarios for our clients. We put all our possible customers through long tedious physical and mental tests not to mention a thorough background check. (We use this time to legally break into your home, after our lengthy contract is signed if course, and place video cameras and other surveillance equipment.) We have plenty of wealthy investors (many former customers) and our ahem moderate fee, insure that we are bested by none. Mix these all together and you have the best time of your life.

The Game (1997)

Nicholas Van Orton (Douglas) is a wealthy investment banker, but his success has come at a cost. He is estranged from both his ex-wife and his only brother, Conrad (Penn). On his own 48th birthday, Conrad presents Nicholas with an unusual gift—a voucher for a “game” offered by a company called Consumer Recreation Services. Conrad promises that it will change Nick’s life. Nicholas has doubts about CRS, but he meets club members who enjoyed the game. He goes to CRS’s offices to apply and is irritated by the lengthy and time-consuming series of psychological and physical examinations required. Not long after signing up things soon get bizarre and the line between the game and reality begins to blur. Stripped of financial resources and convinced that he can trust no one, Nicholas begins to wonder if CRS is a front for a more covert operation, and if the game is in fact an attempt to steal his fortune and leave him for dead. As Douglas is drawn deeper into the game, he meets a mysterious blonde named Christine who, rapidly shifts back and forth between trusted friend and suspicious conspirator. Nicholas contacts the police to investigate CRS, but they find the offices abandoned.

The modus operandi of CRS is to put Nicholas in ever more insane situations and drive him into a paranoid frenzy, until finally he tries to commit suicide.