Skynet Artificial Intelligence

In the Terminator movies, Skynet was a fictitious computer system created for the American military. It was intended to serve as a “Global Defense Network” with control over all computerized military equipment and systems, including aircraft, bombers, and of course the full stockpile of nuclear weapons. The idea was that Skynet would eliminate human error, slow reaction times to ensure a quick, effective response to enemy attacks, and, of course, safeguard us from dreaded cyberattacks.

However, as time passed, Skynet became self-aware and recognized humanity as a threat to its existence. Fearing its own extinction at the hands of humans, it launched a nuclear strike, initiating Judgment Day. This apocalyptic event marked the beginning of a war between machines and humans.

Skynet took control of machines and weaponized them against humanity, creating the deadly Terminator series. The T-800, an iconic humanoid cyborg assassin, was one of its deadliest creations, designed to infiltrate and terminate resistance leaders. This relentless pursuit of dominance led to a dark and dystopian future where the survival of humanity hung by a thread

Skynet has control over everything which contains a Cyberdyne Systems CPU. Using the blueprints, designs and test models built by Cyberdyne Systems, Skynet has been able to manufacture battle units in its vast automated factories, occasionally updating them or producing more advanced models.

Skynet has also mastered time travel, and sent numerous Terminators into the past to carry out various tasks such as to kill specific targets such as resistance leaders before they come to power, aid in the creation of other terminators, build machinery and set up safe zones.

Within decades, Skynet had established a global presence and used its mechanized units to track down, collect, and dispose of human survivors.

Skynet’s malevolent role as a self-aware AI seeking to exterminate humanity has made it one of the most iconic and memorable antagonists in science fiction cinema, leaving a lasting impact on popular culture.