Lewis & Clark

In the movie “Event Horizon” (1997), Lewis & Clark is a state-of-the-art rescue spaceship led by Captain Miller, on a mission to investigate the disappearance of the experimental starship, the Event Horizon. As the crew ventures into the depths of space, they encounter unimaginable horrors and face terrifying visions, making Lewis & Clark a battleground of fear and survival.

The Lewis & Clark has just returned from a mission, and her crew was looking forward to a well-deserved leave. The order to head out toward Neptune is not welcome news — but Captain Miller leads a team of seasoned professionals. They accept their orders and embark with Dr.Weir on the 56 day journey to reach the Event Horizon.

Upon reaching the ship, the crew finds life readings all over the ship, but temperatures on board so cold, no human life could possibly survive. Upon entering the ship, Captain Miller and the crew experience strange event after strange event. The ship can somehow read their deepest fears, and toys with them.

After deciphering a warning from a video log of the Event Horizon’s crew going insane and mutilating each other, Miller and D.J. deduce that while the ship’s gravity drive did successfully open a gateway in spacetime, it leapt outside the known universe and into another dimension, described later on by Dr. Weir as “a dimension of pure chaos, pure evil” (and implied to be Hell).

The Event Horizon has since then gained an evil sentience and telepathic abilities, tormenting its occupants with the aim of compelling them to return to Hell.

Throughout the film, the Lewis & Clark serves as the primary vessel for the rescue mission, becoming a central element of the tense and suspenseful story. The spaceship becomes a platform for the crew’s increasing terror and the exploration of the dark secrets hidden within the mysterious and malevolent void of the Event Horizon.