M41A Pulse Rifle Aliens Edition

The M41A Pulse Rifle was the primary infantry weapon of the Colonial Marines during the late 22nd century. Lightweight and rugged, the M41A is constructed largely from ultra-light alloy precision metal stampings, with a titanium aluminide alloy outer casing and high-impact, temperature resistant plastics for many of its internal parts. This rifle is usually fitted with a 99-round magazine loaded with 10×24mm, explosive tip, caseless, light armor-piercing rounds, although supposedly downloaded to 95 to prevent stoppages. In addition, the Pulse rifle is fitted with an underslung pump-action 4 shot 30mm grenade launcher. The M41A uses an electronic pulse action to fire, controlled directly from the trigger.

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The iconic M41A Pulse Rifle was introduced to the world by Corporal Hicks in James Cameron’s Aliens. “I wanna introduce you to a personal friend of mine. This is an M41A pulse rifle. Ten millimeter with over-and-under thirty millimeter pump action grenade launcher.”

“A day in the Corps is like a day on the farm. Every meal’s a banquet! Every paycheck a fortune! Every formation a parade! I love the Corps!”

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