Mad Max V8 Interceptor

Max Rockatansky (known by his nickname Mad Max) started his apocalyptic adventure as a Main Force Patrol officer who fought for peace on the decaying roads of Australian civilization. Max served as the last line of defense against the reckless marauders terrorizing the roadways, driving a V8 Interceptor.

Mad Max (1979).

The car that Max drives (a black “Pursuit Special”) is a production car, the Ford “XB Falcon Coupe”, sold in Australia from December 1973 until August 1976. The car in the film had a standard 351 cubic inch (5.75 litre) V8 motor. Only two original Interceptors were used in the Mad Max movies. The one that was used in Mad Max (1979) was modified and reused in all of the interior and close up car shots in Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (1981). After filming was over, this Interceptor was bought and restored by Bob Forsenko and was on display in the “Cars of the Stars Motor Museum” in England.

Another car was built for the chase scenes in the second movie but that one was destroyed when the script required it to be pushed off the road and blown up. The wreckage used to be viewable at Broken Hill, Australia but due to thefts it can’t be found there any longer. The Planet Hollywood Interceptor is a replica and was never used in any of the films. Of the motorcycles that appear in the film, 14 were donated by Kawasaki and were driven by a local Victorian motorcycle gang, the Vigilantes, who appeared as members of Toecutter’s gang. By the end of filming, fourteen vehicles had been destroyed in the chase and crash scenes, including the director’s personal Mazda Bongo.