Omni Consumer Products

Omni Consumer Products (OCP) is a fictional megacorporation in the RoboCop franchise. Their products range from consumer products to military weaponry and private space travel. In the past, OCP gambled in markets traditionally regarded as nonprofit such as hospitals, prisons and space exploration. They also serve as part of the military-industrial complex; according to OCP executive Richard “Dick” Jones, “We practically are the military.” In RoboCop 3, OCP is bought by a Japanese Zaibatsu, the Kanemitsu corporation. As a Kanemitsu subsidiary, OCP remains in charge of the destruction of old Detroit and the construction of Delta City. By the end of the movie, OCP’s brutal policies concerning Delta City are brought to light, many of OCP’s majority shareholders sell their stock, and OCP itself is forced into bankruptcy.

Robocop (1987)

For the 2014 remake, the corporation is a parent company of “OmniCorp”, with the slogan “We’ve Got the Future Under Control.” Led by CEO Raymond Sellars, OmniCorp is a leading manufacturer of military solutions worldwide, with their robots maintaining peace in hostile environments. However, due to the Dreyfus Act, which prohibits the use of robots for law enforcement, OmniCorp has been unable to penetrate the American market.