Sustengo Erection Pills


Jessica Alba sells the erectile dysfunction medication Sustengo in Little Fockers movie. The drug is called Sustengo, and it apparently provides the same benefits as those given by erectile dysfunction (ED) drug Viagra. With its purported effects on those with sexual problems, it is marketed as effective for older people with this condition, giving increased blood flow to the penis and allowing larger, stronger erections.

Little Fockers (2010)

Gaylord “Greg” Focker, a nurse in charge of a medical surgical unit at a hospital, is looking for extra income. He is approached by sexy pharmaceutical drug representative Andi Garcia (Jessica Alba), who offers him a gig as a spokesman for a new erectile dysfunction drug. She tells him the drug, Sustengo, is safe to use in heart patients because it includes a beta blocker that slows heart rate while the essential ingredient increases penile blood flow. Charmed by Andi, Greg agrees and is soon giving lectures. Meanwhile, Greg’s father-in-law, Jack Byrnes (Robert De Niro), who has recently developed heart disease, is following Greg to make sure he isn’t having an affair with Andi. When Jack returns home from following Greg, he finds Sustengo samples in a bag and decides to take one. When Greg comes home he finds Jack sitting on the couch waiting for him. Greg notices Jack has a boner and asks him if he took a Sustengo. Jack says he did and that he has had the boner for over 4 hours. Greg is alarmed and tells Jack he must get an adrenaline shot as soon as possible. Jack asks Greg to do it at home as he refuses to go to the emergency room in that state. As Greg gives jack the adrenaline shot, his son walks in and screams at the sight.